Automotive Services

From concept through to mass production… Exception can help you exceed your targets

At Exception, we offer our automotive clients a risk free solution. Our dynamic, engineering-led teams work closely with client design engineers from project conception through to delivery of engineering solutions that produce a technologically sound end product, suitable for mass production. Our experience in delivering lean manufacturing and zero defect programmes sets us apart from other electronics outsourced partners.

Utilising a range of testing capabilities and providing meaningful feedback direct to design, we strive to obtain a zero parts per million (PPM) defect rate right through to industrialisation of the product.

Our offshore procurement team works to meet a client's internal quality goals and to provide year on year cost reductions. As one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of PCBs, PCAs and other bespoke components, Exception has built relationships with ‘Best in Class' mass production manufacturers in low cost economies to deliver a combination of the highest quality and maximum value.

Providing fast and comprehensive logistics solutions and lean supply chain management, coupled with our value engineering processes, Exception has consistently achieved and surpassed the targets set by its automotive clients, accumulating a number of industry and supplier awards in recognition of our expertise in the sector.

Working closely with organisations across all sectors of the automotive industry, from tier 1 suppliers to Formula 1, Exception's pedigree in this most demanding of fields is unparalleled.