Exception PCB Restructured to Meet Market Needs

October 2016: Restructuring Our Business to Meet Market Needs and Expectations

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After a lengthy period of due diligence and research, Fastprint the owners of Exception VAR and Exception PCB Solutions have decided to transfer ownership of Exception VAR (Trader) to Fineline Global Pte, an international company within the wider Fastprint Group. This reflects the obvious synergies between the two businesses, and Fastprint are confident that the combination of these two complementary businesses will offer our customers enhanced levels of service, and quality.

The restructure allows Exception PCB Ltd to focus solely on our core business, the manufacture of Rigid and Flexible boards in our Tewkesbury UK facility. After a year of transition and investment in the facility Exception PCB are now experiencing consistently improved performance and service resulting in increased business levels from existing customers and a growing range of new Global customers with diverse applications. We will continue to build on this foundation during remainder of 2016 and beyond.

Exception PCB Solutions will be renamed Exception PCB Ltd and remains a key company within the Fastprint Group. Senior Exception Board Directors will jointly take responsibility for the day to day running of the company, with Fastprint, our parent company fully supportive of this transition and remain committed to the continued future growth in Exception PCB.