The demographic timebomb in mature economies, and the fight against preventable diseases and conditions in the developing economies, have placed increased emphasis on the role medical technology plays in managing costs and improving health outcomes. As technology plays an increasing role in the Health sector, the supply side is evolving to meet these emerging needs, including the use of networks to drive new applications in telehealth and tele-medicine. Leading Medical OEM's look to Exception for advise and support in NPI and product design, to achieve greater functionality within specific form factors.

Exception is proud to play a key role in the development and transition to volume production of products utilised in hospitals throughout the world in applications such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring, Arthroscopic camera's and patient monitoring. Exception's experience in the medical sector has shown that working closely together to solve issues surrounding design, manufacturing and volume production is the way forward for the medical instrumentation industry.