(High Density Interconnect)

Advantages to using HDI

Lower Costs

Reduces Layers; Up to 1/3 less layers

Reduces Size; At least 40% smaller

Performance Improvements

Board Miniaturization; thinner, lighter and smaller

Increased Wiring Density, Via-in-pads permit closer part spacing

Removal of decoupling capacitors

Closer ground planes

HDi image

Access to Advanced Packages

Ease-of-Use For FPGA’s

No dogbones/via connections are required on outer layers.( maybe moved to internal layers)

Less layers required to route out large FPGA’s

Improved Reliability

Microvias have tested as the most reliable for organic substrates

Improved Thermal Efficiency

HDI uses thin dielectrics, high temperature dielectrics and copper filled vias

HDi image