A global presence in all major markets!

Providing UK based service to world wide customers to ensure they are first to the market.

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First to market is crucial. Working closely with over 300+ active worldwide customers, we understand the unique challenges and demands. Our bespoke solutions can help you by allowing you to be one step ahead of the market with quality and technology.

We are an approved supplier of some of the world’s leading brands, but also, our one-stop-shop solution help starts-up business by making their innovative idea reality.

Research and Development


Support Start up companies from design to realisation. 

Supporting component manufacturers and technology innovation. 

Dedicated Quick Turn Around team

DFV (Design for Volume) understanding of the life cycle/potential volume requirements. Offering a solution to ensure it is manufacturer-able in higher volume and overall project cost are attainable.

Research and Development


We manufacture for Patient Care, MRI Scanners, DNA sampling, clinical trials, biomedical engineering and the NHS.

The choice of medical approved materials for internal or external patient applications.

energy market


 Manufacturing PCB’s for companies who supply Smart meters, wind farms, solar, down hole drilling and sub sea.

  Due to legal requirements of electronics our challenge has been to supply several iterations of a PCB design via our QTA service that are suitable for individual countries to meet their own legislation on electronics. 

energy market


Blue chip companies from rail, oil and gas and Robotics.

The challenges faced are suitable material selection for both reliability and thermal stresses (down hole exploration)

HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) and HTOL (High Temp Operating Life) are critical for underground solutions.  




Working with blue chip companies to supply PCB’s for a variety of products including Base Stations, Wireless Connectivity, Routers/Modems, and Smart meters.

Extensive selection of high speed/low loss materials for every increasing need for 4G/5G applications. 

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We Support blue chip companies for example, F1, NASCAR and high performance automotive sectors.

We can help to improve technology and reduce the need for cabling via both miniaturising of circuitry using HDI technology and Flex/Flex-rigid.

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We can manufacturer high signal speed PCB’s for Data servers, Modems and CCTV with secure communications. 

We have to ensure the choice of materials are carefully selected for the end applications due to ever increasing miniaturisation and increased processing requirements. 

Take multiple designs through DFM/technical support to help to reduce the number of designs resulting in reduced project costs and manufacturing time scales.

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Our PCB’s are used for Head Up Displays, Ground Based and Flight Communications, Command & Control, Flight Simulators, Navel Combat Systems, Thermal Imaging, Drones Defence & Weapons Systems, Electronics Warfare & Intelligence, Sonar & Radar.

We support airlines projects such as cockpit communications/navigation, fuel management, emergency and information lighting. 

Mission Critical, Commercial, Defence or Avionics, each application demands quality and reliability.

 We are AS9100 approved and ISO 9001 approved to supply to this industry.

Design solutions in both sectors from negating the need for cable and harnesses and convert to flex and flex-rigid technology improving both reliability and weight saving.