Supporting projects to help produce Ventilators in this critical time.

Exception PCB has been approached by several customers to help produce PCB’s for their ventilator projects.

We received data for one project at 9:13am on Friday 27th March and we delivered these products at 9:30pm on Saturday 28th March. A phenomenal achievement that wouldn’t have happened without the support from our employees.

Supported Projects so far:

  • PCB’s for the New Prototype Ventilator
  • Portable Paramedic Ventilators
  • New Prototype Ventilator.

Find out more about the project’s here 

We have taken steps in minimise the number of personnel in the offices and have split apart the Product teams to ensure they’re no overlap of shift patterns.

Our priority is the welfare of our employee’s, families, customers and our suppliers

We would like to applaud the hard work from all of our employees who have been working hard to get PBC’s out to our customers for these key medical devices.

Are you needing a UK PCB supplier for quick turnaround PCB for a medical device project during this critical time? We can help.

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