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image of a Flex PCB

Why use Flex & Flex-Rigid Technology?

Flex & Flex-Rigid PCB’s have been widely used in a variety of applications and markets for many years where space and size is critical to a product’s function as an interconnect either between connectors or to other rigid PCB’s.

At eXception PCB we are supporting more and more customers migrate to Flex & Flex-Rigids due to the benefits of its construction, some examples as follows:

 3D Interconnect
1 part component (as apposed to multiple rigid PCB’s and wiring looms)
Increased reliability
Space saving
Reduced labour costs at assembly
Fully tested as an integral single piece component
1 part inventory

Our Strategy

eXception PCB has in place a dedicated management lead Flexible Manufacturing Team. The Flexible Team now allow all variants of Flex & Flex-Rigid to be manufactured both well within industry lead-times and to a high quality.

eXception PCB manufactures Flex-Rigid circuits using single laminate or composite builds, down to 76ųm Track & Gap and also offers the incorporation of HDI technology (100ųm ųmVia – we were one of the first in Europe to offer this on Flex product!).

Our Flex Team are currently involved with Customer projects and are using their expertise to improve circuit integrity, reducing further lead-times and driving down cost.

eXception PCB has dedicated CAM Engineers for Flex & Flex-Rigid technologies to minimise tooling time and increase further the support and feedback to design authorities.

image of a Flex PCB


Advantages to using HDI

Lower Costs

Reduces Layers; Up to 1/3 less layers

Reduces Size; At least 40% smaller

Performance Improvements

Board Miniaturization; thinner, lighter and smaller

Increased Wiring Density, Via-in-pads permit closer part spacing

Removal of decoupling capacitors

Closer ground planes

HDi image

Access to Advanced Packages

Ease-of-Use For FPGA’s

No dogbones/via connections are required on outer layers.( maybe moved to internal layers)

Less layers required to route out large FPGA’s

Improved Reliability

Microvias have tested as the most reliable for organic substrates

Improved Thermal Efficiency

HDI uses thin dielectrics, high temperature dielectrics and copper filled vias

HDi image


We are one of the largest dedicated time and technology HDI printed circuit board manufacturer in the UK. Continuing to push the boundaries with a focus on quality and innovation.

Our Capability cover a wide range of Technologies and Market sectors. We have over 42 years experience regarding R&D to develop new technologies and products.

Some special features exclusive to us such as eXMVT™ (Microvia Tower -10+n+10 where ‘n’ = buried sub core), eXFPT™ (Flat Pad – copper filled umVia’s and thru vias**) and eXVTEX™ (Copper filled thru vias – subject to aspect ratio) along with well known features including differential controlled impedance and blind and buried vias.

Please contact us if you require any further information.