Why Develop a Prototype PCB?

It may seem like another step making the process longer but in the long run it can save you time and money and result in a better final product.

When developing a new PCB design, you will likely go through design alterations. You need to be able to test these quickly in order to complete production in a timely manner.


What are the benefits of having a Prototype?

·        Prototyping is a very important stage of the development of your product/project. Using a PCB Manufacturing service for your prototype can make the process much easier.

·        A PCB prototype helps you to verify the functionality of the design as well as its quality.

·        It helps to build error or defect free design, resulting in better finished PCB.

·        It makes the overall manufacturing process reliable and faster.

·        With proper PCB prototyping, one can fulfil better functional requirements.

·        The sooner you catch design flaws or inefficiencies in your PCB design the less costly fixing the issue will be.

·        Ensures quality before going into big volume production. 

Ordering Prototypes from Exception PCB

We offer a quick turnaround service for prototype’s. We understand your priority is to get your product to the market as quickly as possible so our dedicated quick turnaround team can help you do just that.

Additional Information:

  • Turnaround time day one cut off is 10am
  • Delivery is by Courier
  • Testing is completed by a roving probe of your data.

Have a design that you want to test? Contact our team today info@exceptionpcb.com

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