What is your standard delivery time?

Our default delivery schedule is 20 working days. We offer a QTA service if you require a shorter lead time.

What standards do you manufacture to?

Our default manufacturing quality standard is to IPC 6012 / 13 class 2.

Do you manufacture flexible circuits?

Yes we do, both flexi and flexi-rigid as well as HDI flex rigid products

Can I have any colour solder mask I want?

Almost, most common colours are Green, Blue, Red, Black or White. Although design considerations are required for products which do not use Green resist.

How do I place an order?

If you are a returning customer with a repeat order then please view the answer below. If you are a new or  current customer requiring a quote for a new project then please email quotes@exceptionpcb.com

How do I place a repeat order?

If we have already manufactured the same PCB and the data is the same then please email your internal contact for a repeat quote, if you no longer have the internal contact details please send to quotes@exceptionpcb.com