Our New Drill Machine

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This is our new drilling machine, featuring 6 drilling stations all equipped with the T200 spindles with top of the line air bearing technology to make light work of any drilling challenges, this helps us to achieve high speed drilling while maintaining superior accuracy and quality. This machine can also drill panel sizes up to 635 x 714mm which allows for a wide range of applications with its extremely stable granite base which helps to dampen vibrations.

The Schmoll Speedmaster also features an OAC (Online Accuracy Check) feature which is a further development of the established technique of contact drilling. The machine will automatically perform an audit on itself measuring the offset from the spindle to its zero position and take that compensation into account on the next run of a program and give results on the check. This means that the machine can easily be checked for its accuracy and is a reliable way of monitoring its performance.

Schmoll Speedmaster HDI specifications include: 6 spindles operating at up to 200,000 rpm, high accuracy depth drilling and linear motors on all axes enabling up to 600 holes to be drilled per minute

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